Artist Profile

A bit about me,

I’ve been drawing since I can remember and I’ve always identified myself as an artist. I’ve got the shabby clothes and the “I cut my own hair” look to prove it!

Seriously though, I grew up with it ingrained in me to appreciate what I have and to waste as little as possible. Growing up with a single mom who was living on a widow’s pension and foster care allowances, I was quick to pick up that I had to earn whatever luxuries that I wanted. That took some time…

After my foster mother passed away near the end of high school, I struggled financially for years after completing my schooling. Any money I had made working whatever part-time jobs I could get, went straight towards my studies at Sheridan College. I was still required to take out massive student-loans of which I am nowhere NEAR being able to pay off yet. Don’t even get me started… So now that I’ve finally had the time and finances to scramble up all my best works and shove them in a computer, I hope to reach and uncover all the wonderful elements there is to sharing my art with the world wide web – oh my.

I love to dabble with different art mediums. I was trained as an animator and studied at Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada where I became very inspired by the traditional methods of draftsmanship and the high levels of skill and practice there. After working briefly at Mercury Filmworks Animation Studio, I realized that I wanted to branch away and work on my own creations.

While having a fond appreciation for animation, I’m also an artist of many tastes and styles. I love drawing, painting, sculpting and anything that involves a tactile approach to art using minimal computer software. I believe in mastering the basics and fundamental aspects of creating art, where it takes a lot of time and effort, a bounty of knowledge and skills, a passionate drive for what you are trying to do, and all the practice and hard work it takes to bring it all together.

I am an avid admirer of any artist who can portray reality to a tee (with their own bare hands), and then distort that reality to play with our senses… Maybe without getting carried away with the “message” of the artwork. After spending years of studying the old masters of my discipline, pushing the bar for quality and looking for new interesting ways to somehow blend the old with the new became my new personal endeavor in the art world. I like to think of it as “animation” meets the Fine Arts… and had babies with it… (too weird?)

This dream has never been about personal fame or profit, “success”, or me “working for Disney someday”, and it shall forever remain that way. I exercise my right in participating in the market of selling artwork to whomever way wish to purchase it, but I am NOT in the business of mass marketing, or selling myself to any multi-billionaire anythings.

I’m always open to any commissions or freelance ideas provided that I remain the sole owner of those materials. Hope you like what you see and enjoyed yourself.

Thanks! Evee Fex-Chriszt